Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Am Thankful Tag

This is a picture of the front and back of my I Am Thankful tags for a swap at We were supposed to make a photo mat on one side and a pocket on the other. These beautiful flowers and the metallic ribbon are from Joann's.  I added a little charm to the tag in the back that says "Give Thanks".

Altered Autumn Tickets

These are my first altered tickets. They are for a swap on I used crackle accents on the leaves to make them look real. I was happy with the way they turned out. The little words on the bottom of the leaf tickets say, Transition and Change. I used some little jewelry pieces and placed words inside that I had printed off. Then I filled them with glossy accents and let them dry overnight.

Shrinky Dinks

Here are my first shrinky dinks. I think you have gathered that I'm a beginner at scrapbooking. :) Every post starts with......My first.....ha ha! Sorry the picture is kind of blurry. I need a better camera. This was also for a swap on

Fall/Christmas Inchies

These are my first inchies. I made two with a winter theme and two with a fall theme. The one in the bottom left corner says, "The Great Pumpkin". My family loves to watch the Charlie Brown movies for each holiday, so I made an "It's the Great Pumpkin" inchie. :) These were for a swap on

Altered Dominoes

This is my first time altering dominoes. It was so much fun! I watched Heather's video on Or you could watch her video on her YT channel: smARTsandCRAFTs
It is called Darling and Daring Altered Domino.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Philippians 4:13

Hi everyone! I am so excited to have this blog page! I am new to the world of bloggin, but can't wait to jump in! My husband and I have homeschooled for about 9 years. He stayed home with them for 5 years, then we switched. We both felt the Lord tell us that it was time for me to come home. I have to tell you, I was SCARED! I did not have what I would call a "great" education. I tried my best but I just couldn't seem to get it all to stick. If you know what I mean. My husband was so much more capable to teach than I was. So I thought! The Lord has shown me that I can do anything.....and I do mean ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13  He has given me a love for staying home, which was very hard being that I was a super independent person. He has given me a love for learning, love for the Word, and grown my patience, ooooohhh lots of patience! He has shown me how valuable I truly am and continues to do so.
I am also a beginner scrapbooker. I started scrapbooking about 4 years ago for a 4H project. I didn't even know what a Cricut was then! Since then, I have taught a scrapbooking class for about 3 semesters at our local homeschooling co-op. When I first signed up to teach the class I was so nervous. I checked out every scrapbooking video and book from my library I could find! It is also scary teaching when it is someone else's children and not just your own. Eventually, it got easier and easier. Now I am at ease and really love teaching. It also helps when the kids are totally amazing!!
I hope to be posting some of my scrapbooking "art" soon. Thanks for stopping by!
As one of my lovely students says each time I see her, Be Blessed!